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I choose you Ditto! Oh, shit, wait...


As an avid fan of the Halo series, I freaked when I knew Reach was coming out as well! I mean, the intro reminded me of myself and how excited I was... But, then it became a little extreme to the point that I almost died laughing! I'm almost the same way when I've had a Red Bull... lol Thanks for describing my inner feelings in a nutshell!

lol Niiicee.....

When I first saw the song randomly in the 8-Bit Pwny Club, I was thinking it was SO random... But, I guess that's what makes things awesome, right?

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Mind boggling...

Well, I'd have to say... After playing all the way through for the first time, it left me with more questions than answers, and makes me think a little TOO much. XD The game was unique, that's for sure... But, let me get this straight? You come from the future 20 minutes later, tell yourself to get in the box... As you warp through each level, you create a new you named Steven, who has no apparent relevance, in my opinion... When finished with the game, you head back out to tell yourself to get back into the box, and the cycle repeats over and over and over again... Ending with several copies of yourself? Weird... Very confusing, hard to think about... But, the puzzles were unique! I only had the most trouble with the next-to-last one, in which I HAD to sleep to pass to the last level... XD Thank you for giving me something interesting to think about...

OMG insanity!

You must've been bored... XD Clever questions, that's for sure... I'm giving up at 91, since that one really is impossible for me... All the others, however, I've managed.

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THAT is how to remix...

And, who's to say that techno can't be made metal? Metal and techno go hand-in-hand nowadays... It's called industrial metal. XD But, yeah, this is great! Better than a lot of crap on Newgrounds nowadays...

JonSantiago responds:

Thanks! I'm glad you dug it!

There's something to say about this song after all

From the quick sampling I've done of it, it sounds like this song would fit much better under the House or Trance genres... More House than Trance, really... But, just figured I'd let you know that. XD

About the Genre...

"Sorry about the genre, I don't know what this is! Go ahead and tell me in a review." Well, the loop's great, but to tell you what genre it really is... It's more Industrial than Techno. :) Just figured I'd point that out. I can't wait to hear the finished project!

Jebbal responds:

Is it really? hahaha I'm too lazy to change it, thanks for pointing it out though!

And thanks for the review!

Starting new industrial project titled "delta-U." More info on that later.

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